Indianapolis police officer who fatally shot Dreasjon Reed, Details

Indianapolis police officer who fatally shot Dreasjon Reed, Details
Indianapolis police officer who fatally shot Dreasjon Reed, Details

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) officer who shot and killed Dreasjon Reed in May will not face criminal charges.

Special Prosecutor Rosemary Khoury announced Tuesday that a special grand jury returned a “no bill,” meaning they did not find enough probable cause to charge or accuse Officer Dejoure Mercer with a crime.

A grand jury is made up of six community members with no background in law. They ultimately decide whether to indict a person after a case and its facts are presented.

Khoury held back tears as she said, “This has not been an easy task and it’s been a very heavy burden.”

When asked about the most difficult part of the process, she said, “The most challenging part was to not let my emotions become involved. There was a lot of evidence to sort through.”

She said from day one in this case, she strived for fairness.

“It’s a very sad situation,” she said. “No one wins here.”

Khoury said she’s confident the investigation was conducted in an impartial manner.

When asked about how the case has affected her emotionally, she reflected on her sons.

“I don’t know how Mr. Reed’s mother feels…but I am a mother of two black boys. I’m also very empathetic toward Officer Mercer. I know that had to be a difficult position to be in. Like I said, no one wins.”

She said she trusts our judicial system and “has to believe” justice was done.

According to IMPD, Officer Dejoure Mercer said Reed fired at him twice during a foot chase in the vicinity of 62nd Street and North Michigan Road May 6 before the patrolman fired back, fatally wounding the 21-year-old man. Reed’s family and attorney disputes IMPD’s account of the events.

The shooting began as a police pursuit. Officers reported seeing a vehicle driving recklessly on I-65 near 30th Street; the pursuit reached speeds of close to 90 mph, IMPD said.

The car stopped at 62nd and Michigan; the driver, Reed, got out. IMPD said there was a confrontation involving the suspect that led to the shooting.

Reed was streaming live on Facebook during the incident.


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