Winston Corbett Sentenced to 115 Years for Killing Professor

Winston Corbett Sentenced to 115 Years for Killing Professor
Winston Corbett Sentenced to 115 Years for Killing Professor

An Indiana man has been sentenced to more than a century in prison for killing a college professor and stabbing the man’s wife.

After a jury convicted Winston Corbett last month for the 2011 stabbing of James Miller and his wife Linda Miller, the 25-year-old was given the maximum sentence on Monday, totaling 115 years in prison.

Corbett received 65 years for the death of James and 50 years for the attempted murder of Linda, ABC News reported Tuesday.

Corbett, who was 16 at the time of the stabbing, was not charged until 2018, when he was connected to the scene of the crime through DNA evidence.

Linda was stabbed 23 times in the attack at the couple’s home in Goshen, Indiana, in October 2011. James was reportedly fatally stabbed when he tried to help his wife, according to ABC News. While Linda — who spoke during Monday’s sentencing virtually — survived, the Goshen University biology professor did not.

“Winston’s actions brought fear into my life. He brought fear into our neighborhood, and he brought fear into our community,” Linda said at the hearing, according to Goshen News.

“There are many days that I want to die because I couldn’t stand the pain,” the widow also said, per ABC News. “There are also many days that I made plans to die because the pain was unbearable. The night we lost Jim, we lost a lot.”

Judge Michael Christofeno told Corbett that evidence throughout the November trial “showed the depth of the depravity, the callousness, the heinousness, and just how sociopathic your behavior was.”

Corbett did not speak at his sentencing, but maintains he is innocent and plans to appeal with a public defender, WNDU News reported.


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