MTV True Life star Charlie Balducci’s cause of death revealed

MTV True Life star Charlie Balducci’s cause of death revealed
MTV True Life star Charlie Balducci’s cause of death revealed

True Life star Charlie Balducci’s cause of death has been ruled as a drug overdose from ‘acute intoxication’.

According to TMZ, the New York City Medical Examiner’s office confirmed that the 44-year-old reality star died from the combined effects of several prescription drugs.

The coroner ruling comes six months after the MTV television personality was pronounced dead at his home in July 2020.

Known as Charlie B, the television personality’s death has also been ruled as accidental.

According to the coroner’s ruling, Balducci was found with traces of prescription painkillers in his system at the time of death, as well as the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

At the time of his passing, paramedics rushed to the scene of his home in Staten Island where he had been found unresponsive at around 9pm.

Charlie B shot to fame when he appeared alongside his partner Sabrina in the hit MTV show True Life: I’m Getting Married two decades ago.

One of the most iconic reality TV moments featured Charlie on his wedding day when he unleashed a furious tirade at his limo driver for running late.

Charlie ended up threatening the driver, by telling him: “I will gut you like the piece of s**t you are” and “I’ll hunt you down like cattle”.

Charlie and Sabrina were married for over ten years and share two children, Louis and CJ, before they got divorced.

Charlie also went on to enjoy success with several other television projects, including acting roles in the soap All My Children and a guest appearance on the Ricki Lake Show.

He also founded an NGO in 2005 that centred around creative programmes for young people at risk.

At the time of his tragic death, tributes poured in for the late television star as fans and family reeled from the sad news.


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